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  • Company Type: OEM ODM Factory Semiconductor Manufacturer (Sales) Component or sub-assembly
    Contract package or manufacturer Medical Supplies/Equipment Suppliers Communications, Automotive Industry Suppliers
    Consumer Electronics Supplier Test Equipment, ICs, Hybrid Circuits Industrial Control System or Equipment Manufacturer
    Material/Chemistry/Hardware Manufacturing Sales Independent R&D Lab Educational Institution Consultant Resellers
    Government and military units Other related fields - please specify as:
    Company Properties: LED Package  Lighting and Light Sources and LED Drivers  Touch Panel  Monitor 
    Power Supply  Semiconductor Package  IGBT  Industrial Products 
    Computer  Communication equipment  Consumer Electronics  Appliances 
    Motor Assembly  Inverter/Inverter Assembly  Traditional Automotive Electronics  New energy vehicle battery assembly 
    Smart Meter  Solar  Railway Motor  Wind Motor 
    Medical Devices  Military  Aerospace 
    Other - Please specify product as: 
    Company Products:
    Application method: Next/caulk  Semiconductor Package  Potting  Apply Protection 
    Heat conduction  Optics Applications  Electromagnetic shield 
    Other - please specify for: 
    Requirements: RoHS  UL94V-0  UL94V-1  UL94HB 
    Halogen Free  FDA  MIL 
    Curing method: Room temperature  Heating  UV (ultraviolet light curing)  Anaerobic 
    CURING TIME: 1 Min.  10 Min.  1 Hr  8 Hr 
    12 Hr  24 Hr  Other: 
    Curing temperature: 25°C  60°C  80°C  100°C 
    120°C  150°C  180°C 
    Temperature Range: ℃~
    Material color: Transparent  Translucent  Black  white  Grey 
    Detailed application requirements:
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